KiwiGeeks Services

Do you need help with your Home or Business Computers, Phones or Tablets?

Sick of spending hours on the phone with an overseas Helpdesk?

Need someone who will come to your Home or Business when it suits you?

Here are a few of the ways KiwiGeeks may be able to help you

Antivirus and Antimalware

Is your computer playing up or do you seem to be using a lot more internet traffic than usual? If you are then you may have an infected computer on your Network.

We can disinfect your computers and remove these pesky viruses and what's more we can usually do it at your home while you wait, how long it will take depends largely on the age and speed of your computer (older computers will take longer) but often it can be done in around an hour.

As part of the service we will also install some free tools to help reduce your risk of reinfection.

Computer Backups

Computers do fail (unfortunately all too frequently) what would happen if your computer died? do you have a backup copy of all of your valuable files, videos and photos or would they be lost forever?

KiwiGeeks will establish a backup routine for your computer, using industry leading backup software that we will install for you. We will ensure all of your data is backed up to either a remote off-site location (The "Cloud") or on to portable hard drives that you can store safely at home or at a friends place.


Often internet providers use a "one stop configuration" for all customers broadband connections, KiwiGeeks can optimise your broadband and Wifi router to ensure you are getting the best speeds possible from your ISP, or in other words getting what you're actually paying for. We can also provide pricing or just advice on the best home networking gear to install to provide the best coverage in your home.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Is your computer needing an upgrade? We an supply and fit replacements parts such as Video Cards, RAM, Hard Drives or we can work with you to provide a quote for an entire new PC (or Laptop). We can also help with Laptop Screen and Keyboard repairs.

Not only that, but once you've received your new computer we can assist transferring data from the old computer to the new and also provide secure disposal of your old computer for you.

Training – Windows / Mac / Tablet / Phone

Brought a new Phone, Laptop, Tablet or Computer and need help setting it up? KiwiGeeks will come and help setup your device for you. We can also show you how to join the Social Media revolution and get you up and running on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Email and Website Design and Hosting

Get your own domain name and personalise your email addresses. We can also tailor make Websites for your Family or Business.

Computer Repair & Servicing

  • $90 Per Hour
  • $90
  • Per Hour + GST
  • Minimum Charge - One Hour.
    Remote/off-site work $25 per half hour.
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  • 20% SuperGold Card Discount
  • Malware & Virus Removal
  • Computer Backups
  • Software Support & Training
  • Internet & WiFi Configuration
  • Computer Repairs/Upgrades