uses a modified medium trust configuration for all ASP.NET based websites.

The modifications we've made allow for OleDbPermissionOdbcPermissionConfigurationPermission and ReflectionPermissions, a less-restrictive WebPermission and SocketPermission.

  • WebPermission Unrestricted="true"
  • OleDbPermission Unrestricted="true"
  • OdbcPermission Unrestricted="true"
  • SocketPermission Unrestricted="true"
  • ConfigurationPermission Unrestricted="true"
  • ReflectionPermission Unrestricted="true"

Using a Medium Trust level prevents applications from accessing shared system resources and eliminates the potential for application interference. Adding OleDbPermission and OdbcPermission allows applications to use those data providers to access databases. WebPermission is modified to allow outbound HTTP and HTTPS traffic.SocketPermission is modified to allow better access to payment services. Adding ConfigurationPermission allows methods or classes to access configuration files. Adding ReflectionPermission allows access to non-public types and members.

Applications operating under a Medium Trust level have no registry access, and no access to the Windows event log. Both network and file system access will be limited.

If you do experience trust-related issues, it may relate to assemblies that do not allow Partially Trusted Callers. For additional information on this, please review Microsoft's documentation regarding Partially Trusted Callers here and here (these are components that will NOT work with Partially Trusted Callers).

To test your applications under our Medium Trust files you may use one of the trust files located in the downloads section of our website.