SPAM or Unsolicited Email

KiwiGeeks has zero tolerance for UBE/UCE (unsolicited bulk email/unsolicited commercial email). This policy protects our customers as well as the internet community from the negative effects of "spam" related activity. KiwiGeeks defines UBE/UCE as unsolicited broadcast or unsolicited commercial email that is sent to addresses that do not affirmatively and verifiably request such material from that specific sender. 
Our Policies: 

1. Users
KiwiGeeks customers, and customers of KiwiGeeks customers or any user of bandwidth and/or services on our network (herein described as 'users') are prohibited from sending UBE/UCE. Users may be asked to produce records that verify that explicit affirmative permission was obtained from a recipient before a mailing was sent. KiwiGeeks may consider the lack of such proof of explicit affirmative permission of a questionable mailing UBE/UCE at its sole discretion.

2. Prohibited Activities
KiwiGeeks customers are prohibited from maintaining open mail relays on their servers. Ignorance of the presence or operation of an open mail relay is not and will not be considered an acceptable excuse for its (the open mail relay) operation. Multiple infractions of this policy will result in a discontinuation of service.

KiwiGeeks customers are prohibited from providing hosting services for websites that have been included in UBE/UCE. Hosting includes, but is not limited to, hosting website(s), providing DNS services as well as website redirect services.

3. Notification
KiwiGeeks customers will be notified in the event that they may be hosting sites listed as violators of the above policy. Again, failure to rectify such situations may be cause for termination.

4. Complaints
Valid complaints received by KiwiGeeks will be forwarded to customer for a response and resolution. If within twenty-four (24) hours there is no response, KiwiGeeks may block traffic to and from the IP address involved in the UBE/UCE complaint until the problem is resolved and preventative measures have been implemented to prevent the violation from recurring. All users are responsible for maintaining a working email contact and updating that information with KiwiGeeks when it changes.

6. Repeat Offences
If KiwiGeeks receives repeat complaints indicating that a problem has not been resolved, KiwiGeeks reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel any and all services provided to the user after a notification of no less than two (2) hours.

To report an incidence of abuse, please report it to abuse @
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