DEFIANT - Emergency Maintenance (Hardware Failure)

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Due to a hardware outage we are currently investigating options to recover this server to a new one.  This is currently impacting primarily all HELM Mail and our Primary DNS.


UPDATE: We will be restoring this server to new hardware which will also mean an IP Address change.  The restore is likely to take several hours however during this time mail that fails to deliver should bounce back to the sender.  Whilst we will attempt to recover all mailboxes the backup is from a specific point in time so mail received in the past several hours may not be able to be recovered which we apologise for in advance.

If you are using our Domain Name Servers we will automatically update the mail and associated other IP addresses for you, if you are not using our Name Servers and manage your own DNS, the new IP Address of the server is

Our ticket system will remain available during this outage if you need any assistance [email protected]


Email server was recovered and back online within a couple of hours of the outage, email should be flowing normally.  If you are having issues with your domain please contact us, however please also check your DNS Name Servers to ensure you are not managing your DNS yourself, if you are managing DNS yourself you will need to change the IP address as mentioned earlier.


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