DNS Issues

Thursday, September 13, 2018

We are currently experiencing a DDoS issue on our DNS Servers which has caused a large number of domains to not resolve correctly due to our network being flooded with requests. We are working with the datacentre to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

Update at 12:00 The estimated ETA from the datacentre is that this should be resolved within the next 20-30 minutes

Update at 12:45 The issue with DNS is now resolved.  As this was a DNS related issues there could still be unresolved errors due to DNS Caching.  On Windows PC's you can try issuing the following command via a DOS/CMD prompt "ipconfig /flushdns" which will flush your local DNS resolver cache.

We sincerely appologise for the outage and will be working with the datacentre to ensure this issue is fully mitigated and not able to reoccur in the future.

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